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July 10 2020 | The Biafra Restoration Voice

It is a difficult task to be modest in your manner of approach when addressing a person or a group of people whose idiosyncrasies know no bound.

As they dangle from one position to another, from one school of thought to another, from one political ideology to another, from one approach for total emancipation of supposedly their own people to another.

How do you address an issue with such magnitude of complexities especially when it has to with human beings whose behavioural pattern by default cannot be predicted because of its dynamics?

Have you seen an empty cellophane bag on a motor way or express road before? Can you tell which direction it is heading to?

Well after taking cursory look at one recently, I can tell you it is not heading to any particular direction. It moves in tandem with the motion of the vehicles on a motor way. If a car passes by and takes the right direction the cellophane will stupidly follow the car but stops on the way to follow a truck going opposite direction with a higher velocity, so in a nutshell, the empty cellophane bag has no sense of direction, has no vision or mission it follows other people with vision and mission only to stop when their wave could no longer carry it further. I pray you understand this analogy.

This is the condition of our politicians, the elders and the opinion moulders of the indigenes of old Eastern region or the Biafrans; which is our original name before the white men stepped into our holy land. Only few of them are consistent in their political ideology as it affects the total emancipation of our people from the British Nigga concentration camp (Nigga area) the type the German Nazi government created in Auschwitz and other German territories during the Jewish holocaust the second world war where over 6 Million Jews where exterminated.

Now reason with me, before you say I am insulting "our" elders and political leaders. 

(1) They are aware Nigeria was created by Fredrick Lugard for British economic interest.

(2) They are aware that the 1914 amalgamation was done without our consent.

(3) They are also aware that our people have always been the victims of this devilish creation by the imperialistic Britain in order to keep it United by fire by force.

(4) They are aware that North and in fact some South Western leaders do not believe in a restructured Nigeria.

(5) We are aware that politicians and political parties use the term restructuring as political campaign slogan, only to jettison the idea once they acquire the political power.

(6) They are aware that the refusal to honour the Aburi accord of January 7th 1967 by the North and South West led to the Biafra Genocide of 1967-1970 where over 6Million Biafrans were massacred and over 3.5Million Biafra innocent children and infants were starved to death by Gowon and Obafemi Awolowo orchestrated by Britain in their land, air and sea blockade policy, targeted on Biafrans.           

(7) They are aware that all the confab reports which in their own part were valid restructuring documents, were never implemented after the confab jamborees.

(8) They are aware of an existence of Igbo phobia among other regions in Nigeria, and this gives rise, to our economic strangulation, burning of our markets, regular demolitions of our shops in other regions, the police and military high handedness and military and police brutality in our land. In fact, our future is not guaranteed in Nigeria with the recent invasion of our land by Fulani militia.

When I say "They" l mean every one trapped in the contraption called Nigeria, who arrogate to himself the title; elders, political leaders, opinion leaders, power brokers, Ohanaeze Ndi Igbo, PANDEV, LNC, and all the social media rodents working hard to malign the ultimate sacrifice made by our people to restore Biafra in their own time.

Why then are they dangling like pendulum, from restructuring to 2023 Igbo Nigeria presidency, then to Atiku Obi presidency and to Igbo Vice presidency and a better Nigeria?

Are you sure these people have any intention to come out of their slavish mentality?

I cannot find any other analogy suitable for this unstable behaviour of supposedly our leaders and elders, than to refer to them as empty cellophane bags. If not, why can't they stick to the self-determination which is enshrined in the UN charter on the rights  of indigenous people toward self-determination considering the danger our continued stay in this devilish union portends to our continued  total existence as a people , especially now they have come to the  realisation that Mazi Nnamdi Kanu is right and has right to champion the course for the total restoration of Biafra but confessed that the only grouse they have against him is the manner he is insulting them during  his broadcasts.

(a) What then are our elders doing with Igbo Nigeria presidency, if they agree Mazi Nnamdi is right to agitate to for the restoration of Biafra?

(b) What then are they doing with the project for better Nigeria as being championed by Tony Nnadi, and restructuring by Ohanaeze and some other splinter groups?

All these point to the fact that, they are yet to tell us which stake they have or negotiations they made with the main beneficiaries of this British contraption; the Britain, the Northern Fulani cabals, the South West with her serpent tongue junk media in charge of dishing out lies through concocted videos and photo shop image to deceive the gullible pubic?

1. They need to tell us why issues concerning the invasion of our land, the killing and raping of our mothers are swept under the carpet for an illusion called 2023 presidency?

2. They need to explain to us why they have turned around to murder their own children; IPOB and to proscribe them as terrorists after sending them to their early graves so as to create an alibi for their crime which is already confirmed by Amnesty international?

3. They need to tell us why the proscribed IPOB and her BSS as terrorist group but unashamedly went to the South West to congratulate them on inauguration of Amotekun; south west regional security.

All these cacophony of voices from these coyotes and jackals are the reason I still maintain my ascertains, that they are all empty cellophane bags on an express way, moving at the direction of any moving vehicle that passes their way with higher velocity inform of political portfolio and financial inducement at the expense of our lives and the future of our people. 

There is still room for repentance and restitution but justice must prevail, and for the reprobate, the land of Biafra must swallow you all for soiling our holy land with the blood of your innocent children.

The ideological consistence of IPOB is what has really set her apart from all these empty cellophane bags making pink noise in the entire audio spectrum of our restoration project.

But as usual, they will all fizzle out like those that were before them, who think that IPOB and our divine project to restore the kingdom of Elohim here on earth, can be impeded by their market women gossip and cheap blackmail. In fact, they are   hallucinating.

Written by:  
Obi Emma
For: The Biafra Restoration Voice – TBRV

Published by:
Chibuike John Nebeokike
For: The Biafra Restoration Voice – TBRV

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