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July 06 2020 |  The Biafra Restoration Voice

The name Biafra does not only reflect a territorial region seeking complete and total independence, as it was before, in order to actualize her full potentials, Biafra has transcended into metaphorical narratives for justice, freedom and human civilization.

To those whose ancestry claims its root within the boundaries of Biafra as defined by our mothers when they tie two-piece wrapper, Biafra is our root and we are going back to our root. To those in diaspora who escaped the "pressure pot" called Nigeria in search of greener pastures, Biafra is home and there is no place like home. To those who have been oppressed by political cum economic subjugation coupled with state sponsored terrorism beyond expression, Biafra is the light on a high mountain that radiates its light on the oppressed in order to let the world know their plights. And to those whose parentage is not linked to Biafra or its boundaries, Biafra is the hope of honour, dignity and civility for a black man, especially in a darkened continent of Africa.

When I realized that I could talk about topical issues of great concern, I decided to talk about Biafra. And whenever I talked about Biafra, I was often told that if I had seen the war, I wouldn't be talking about Biafra. And I asked myself, 'does Biafra means war?' I could have asked my father, because he fought for Biafra during the war. Unlike his peers who were conscripted into Biafra Army during the war, my father joined the army as a volunteer despite the fact that he was the only son. Perhaps, he could have answered my question quite better had death allowed him, especially now that I'm sensitive enough to assimilate such narrative. So, I decided to seek answers for myself from other sources and I ended up reading books/accounts on Biafra War.

I read 'Half Of A Yellow Sun' by Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie and I felt the devastation, disconnection and hunger that comes with war. Although, the hunger was intentionally introduced by the enemy of Biafra through complete and total blockade which they justified as weapon of war. I read 'There Was A Country' by Chinua Achebe and I saw a Biafra that was struggling to survive existential threat and ethnic cleansing. I read 'In Biafra Africa Died' by Emefiena Ezeani and I saw the ingenuity of Biafra, I saw a Biafra that was forced into unprecedented technological revolution as a result of necessity and I saw a Biafra that was ready to take a place in global politics and economy with unimaginable speed. I read 'The Nigerian Revolution and The Biafran War' by Alexander A. Madiebo and I saw the cause of the war. I saw the reason why the 1966 boys struck and I saw what they intended. I went further to read 'The Biafra Story' by Frederick Forsyth and I saw Britain fighting a proxy war with Biafra. In fact, according to Forsyth, he said and I quote "Thirty-four years ago Emeka Ojukwu tried to give his people something better, and Britain, more than any other, destroyed the chance." - Frederick Forsyth, 2001.

In all these reads, all I could see was a Biafra that wanted to survive; a Biafra that wanted to have a chance to exist even with the worse living conditions on earth. This Biafra was willing to try; and this Biafra tried for 30 months before she got extinguished. I didn't see a Biafra that went into war in order to conquer or dominate others, so Biafra didn't mean war. Rather I saw a Biafra that survived a genocide, therefore Biafra means survival.

Today, this Biafra has come again to remind the entirety of humanity that what she endured 53 years ago within her shortest time of 30 months of trying to exist was actually 'a global conspiracy' not to have a Japan in Africa. This Biafra is telling humanity of 21st century that what transpired between 1967 - 1970 cannot be allowed to happen again. This Biafra is asking international and global communities: "if what the people of Tutsi suffered in the hands of Hutu by losing five hundred to one million people was globally recognized as Rwandan Genocide, what then should we call the loss of over five million Biafrans to Nigeria?" Until this question is addressed holistically, and very sincerely, Biafra is holding the world to account, Biafra is telling the world to bear witness to her story and Biafra is saying to the world "YOU CAN'T KEEP SILENT AGAIN WHILE WE DIE."

Dim Chukwuemeka Odumegwu Ojukwu was the face of Biafra between 1967-70, and of course he will remain "the eternal face of Biafra." Today, Mazi Nnamdi Kanu is the new face of Biafra and through his leadership of IPOB, the world has known that Biafrans are everywhere. This coordinated global presence of Biafrans is not by chance, although some may liken it to chance but I choose to disagree.

I rather say that it is by providence that Biafrans are globally coordinated under 'One Almighty IPOB' for a time like this. A time like this when our ancestral lands are being occupied by the enemies of Biafra. A time like this when the blessed land of Biafra has been over-polluted with charlatans who appear in leadership positions only to service their needs and remain subservient to the Sultanate of Sokoto. A time like this when Biafra boundaries have been gerrymandered by the enemies of Biafra so as to set perpetual hatred and division amongst a once united family. A time like this when our mothers and sisters are either raped or killed in their farms. A time like this when our fathers are no longer in contact with their boldness and confidence due fierce force of intimidation and blackmail. A time like this when the safety of our businesses and properties are no longer guaranteed.

And so, at this very horrible time of our existence, we must realize that 'We Should All Fight To Restore Biafra!' Because if we do not fight, we have everything to lose. And if we fight, as Elohim has been guiding us, we have everything to win. Our global presence is huge asset to us; and overwhelmingly, IPOB leadership has utilized it to raise the consciousness of the global community on Biafra. The world now knows that there is a 'Biafra Case' in Africa that needs urgent attention.

To those people who feel that IPOB/Mazi Nnamdi Kanu is not the messiah that they have been waiting for, I want to remind you that even Jesus Christ, when he came, some people, especially the Jews never believed that he was the messiah. And when He stepped on the religious/societal toes of Jewish paradigms through his approaches and methods, they went agog and their repugnant stance on him seemed justified as they seek his head. But at the end, Jesus Christ saved very many of them. And today, we all celebrate and praise Him as The King Of Glory.

Mazi Nnamdi Kanu will NOT be The King Of Glory, if that is your reason for not fighting for Biafra. He may be another saviour but certainly, not The King of Glory. You have no reason not to fight for Biafra, because fighting for Biafra means fighting for survival and every living being in every environment, conducive or unconducive environment, wants to survive. Having known that Nigeria is unconducive for survival of an average Biafran, what then are you waiting for? Fight!

Now to fight for Biafra does not necessarily mean that you must be a family member of IPOB which you are already by default based on two-piece wrapper tied by your mother, you can fight for Biafra in multiple ways. When you see the truth and acknowledge the truth, you are fighting for Biafra. When you seek and acknowledge justice, you are fighting for Biafra. When you acknowledge that self-determination is a universal right of indigenous peoples just as Jonathan Cooper of The UK has done, you are fighting for Biafra. When you acknowledge that IPOB/Mazi Nnamdi Kanu is justified to seek the division of Nigeria, you are fighting for Biafra. When you get upset and report, if you can, the atrocious desecration of Biafra land, you are fighting for Biafra. When you utilize your Facebook and Twitter handles to tell the world about Biafra, you are fighting for Biafra. When you are consumed, like me, of everything about Biafra, you are fighting for Biafra. And if you can join any IPOB family unit, nearest to you anywhere in the world, you are also fighting for Biafra. In fact, you are a hardcore!

And even if you don't want to fight for Biafra, you must know this: "Biafra is a spirit, you may know when Biafra will use you to fight for herself!"

Udo diri Umuchineke, Udo dikwara Biafra!

Written by:
Chukwuezugo J. Uduorji
For: The Biafra Restoration Voice - TBRV

Published by:
Chibuike John Nebeokike
For: The Biafra Restoration Voice – TBRV

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