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August 30 2020 | The Biafra Restoration Voice

I made a promise to some people, that I am going to present a white paper on this issue; "The Star of David “fixed on the new flag of Biafra by our indefatigable leader; Mazi Nnamdi Kanu. But I was delayed because of the killing of our people by the terrorist Nigeria Army, Police and DSS in Emene, Enugu Province of Biafra land, I am still in a mourning mood. And may souls of our brethren murdered by Nigeria ineptitude security agents, continue to hunt down their killers in the mighty name; Chukwuokike Abiama Isee Iseee Iseee, Selaaa Ameen.

What formed my decision to delve into this topic was the amount of controversy this particular issue generated among my people the genuine Biafrans and of course those Biafrans with Fulani blood who never supported the agitation.

The genuine Biafrans were arguing out of love and naivety while the enemies of our freedom were only looking for cheap black mail to have their own pound of flesh on our leader, who they wrongly accuse of religious bigotry.

Let's continue, I am going to bring in the issue of the "Cross" and examine it, and compare it to the Star of David which is the bone of contention. I am going to start from the known to the unknown. We are already familiar with the "Cross" or the crucifix, Christians love and regard it as a symbol of Christian Faith, some even believe it has the ability to cast away demons and some clergy use it for exorcism.  I have no problem with that. Let us examine the origin of the Cross.

The Pre - Christian Cross
A vast body of evidence shows that the cross was used centuries before the birth of Christianity. The cross is thought to have originated from the ancient Babylonians before its spread to other parts of the world such as Syria, Egypt, Greek, Latin, India, and Mexico. The pre-Christian cross was used as a religious symbol and as an ornament among the Egyptians, Syrians, Greeks, Persians, Europeans, and in some parts of Africa. There was, therefore, universal use of the pre-Christian cross. In many cases, its use was usually connected to some form of worship.

History of the Christian Cross
The Christian cross as a Christian symbol has its roots in ancient paganism. The use of the Christian cross as a Christian symbol began after the time of the Constantine, which occurred three centuries after the coming of Christ. The crucifixion and death of Jesus on the cross conferred a new significance to the use of the cross in Christianity.  After the Constantine, the use of the cross was acknowledged as a symbol of Christianity (Encyclopaedia Britannica, Inc.).

Now let us see the Origin of the Star of David.

The Star of David is a symbol commonly associated with Judaism and the Jewish People. In Hebrew, it is called Magen David (“Shield of David”). A six-pointed star, the Star of David is composed of two overlaid equilateral triangles, one pointing up and the other pointing down.

In 1917 the British discovered, about 500 feet below the soil on the palace grounds a solid bronze Star of David indicating the Igbo people may have migrated from the ancient city of David. To commemorate this event, Nigerian kobo coins were minted with a Star of David on it (Encyclopaedia Britannica, Inc.).

I am not here to convince you to accept the Cross or the Star of David as a symbol of worship, no sir, no ma’am, that is not my intention. I only want you to know why the Star of David is coming up as an issue at this time, in our restoration project. There is this adage in our land that says; " If one fails to know his origin, he may not know his destination" 

Who buried the Star of David in Igbo land, 500 feet below the soil which was discovered by the British in 1917?

Was it IPOB or Mazi Nnamdi Kanu that discovered the Star of David in 1917. Something that was buried in the ground thousands of years ago.

No doubt, the discovery of who we are by the early colonialists; Portuguese and British, triggered the hatred and envy we are experiencing today globally. The same hatred the Jews are experiencing globally known as; "Anti-Semitism." By the way, the term Semitic is from the Hebrew word "Shem" meaning “Name” one of the three sons of Noah (Shem, Ham and Japhet). Shem is the Ancestor of the Jewish people.

The only succour the Jews of Europe have today is the Nation of Israel which they fought hard to restore. We the Jews of Africa have the mandate to restore the holy land of Biafra, if not   we will continue to be the victims of perpetual envy, hatred, unwarranted killing and serial genocide.

Our leader has already established a case for Biafra Restoration globally. This issue of the Star of David as much as I know is to establish a Case to the international community, that as Jews of Africa we are an endangered species with the recent incursion of Islamic extremists in our land supported by the Arab league and Fulani Janjaweed Government. The only way to stop another round of Genocide of our people is the restoration of Biafra. Unfortunately, the Saboteurs, the so-called elders, some unlearned and brainwashed Christians, the political touts and beggarly elements of 2023 Igbo Nigeria presidency, will never see this obvious fact.

Let me cite another reference as to who we are; from the same Encyclopaedia Britannica.

"It has already been mentioned earlier regarding the Stone Throne at Obu-Gad with the Paleo-Hebrew Inscription at the foot of the throne as well as the onyx stone. It is interesting to note that the stone representing Gad (as well as the other Tribes) in the Priestly shoulder stones was made of onyx, which is black (Ex. 39:6-7). In December 1997 an onyx stone found at the palace of Obu-Gad, the traditional site where Gad’s son Eri settled was found an onyx stone that bore the Paleo-Hebrew inscription “GAD” upon it which the King Solomon Sephardic Federation confirmed the authenticity of the inscription.

This stone throne is reminiscent of Gad’s memorial altar in Joshua chapter 22 in which they did not sacrifice upon but …

"In time to come your children might speak unto our children, saying, what have ye to do with the Lord God of Israel? For the Lord hath made Jordan a border between us and you, ye children of Reuben and children of Gad; ye have no part in the Lord: so, shall your children make our children cease from fearing the Lord. Therefore we said, Let us now prepare to build us an altar, not for burnt offering, nor for sacrifice: But that it may be a witness between us, and you, and our generations after us, that we might do the service of the Lord before him with our burnt offerings, and with our sacrifices, and with our peace offerings; that your children may not say to our children in time to come, Ye have no part in the Lord. Therefore, said we, that it shall be, when they should so say to us or to our generations in time to come, that we may say again, Behold the pattern of the altar of the Lord, which our fathers made, not for burnt offerings, nor for sacrifices; but it is a witness between us and you – Josh. 22:24b-28" Encyclopaedia Britannica.

The Lord spoke through his prophet   that in future some part of the Jewry or Jewish community in diaspora will be going through Identity crisis. And that was the reason for the throne of Gad in Aguleri.

The “Obu Gad" The palace of Gad in Aguleri is the location of the Altar mentioned in Joshua 22:24 -28.

The ancient priests and kings in our land wore the Star of David on their chest the same way the Levite wore it in ancient Israel. As the witness to who we are springing up, we will still have some people who in their arrogance of mediocrity will still wish to deny our origin out of hatred and envy.

You are free to wear the Cross or any religious Sacramento, that is your choice but do for any reason, denigrate our heritage and antiquities, for they are the only pointers to who we are and the overwhelming relics of our discarded history.

They hid our history to deny us our identity so that our annihilation will be easy for them. But are we going allow them? No.

All Hail Biafra.

Long Live Mazi

Nnamdi Kanu!

Long Live IPOB!

Written by: 
Obi Emma
For: The Biafra Restoration Voice - TBRV

Published by:
Chibuike John Nebeokike
For: The Biafra Restoration Voice - TBRV

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