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September 30 2020 | The Biafra Restoration Voice

Yom Kippur in Hebrew means Day of Atonement, this week coincidentally is the week of the most significant Holiday in Jewish History and Religion; the day of Atonement. It is a day of national prayer and fast for all the Jewish community all over the world; those living in the holy land of Israel and those in diaspora.  

In the olden days, the Jewish High Priest after the national prayer, fast and Sacrifice for Atonement of sin, by the time he comes out of the Holy of Holies, The High Priest proclaims the most holy name of Elohim to the nation of Israel in a solemn assembly. That is the only time the name is proclaimed or heard in public until the next day of atonement.

It was on this particular day in 1973 that the enemies of Israel chose to attack the nation of Israel, knowing that the entire nation was on prayer and fast mood, and naturally may be weak physically.

On October 6, 1973, hoping to win back territory lost to Israel during the third Arab-Israeli war, in 1967, Egyptian and Syrian forces launched a coordinated attack against Israel on Yom Kippur, the holiest day in the Jewish calendar. Taking the Israeli Defense Forces by surprise, Egyptian troops swept deep into the Sinai Peninsula, while Syria struggled to throw occupying Israeli troops out of the Golan Heights. Israel counterattacked and recaptured the Golan Heights. A cease-fire went into effect on October 25, 1973.

When the fourth Arab-Israeli war began on October 6, 1973, many of Israel’s soldiers were away from their posts observing Yom Kippur (or Day of Atonement), and the Arab armies made impressive advances with their up-to-date Soviet weaponry. Iraqi forces soon joined the war, and Syria received support from Jordan. After several days, Israel was fully mobilized, and the Israel Defense Forces began beating back the Arab gains at a heavy cost to soldiers and equipment. A U.S. airlift of arms aided Israel’s cause, but President Richard Nixon (1913-94) delayed the emergency military aid for a week as a tacit signal of U.S. sympathy for Egypt. On October 25, an Egyptian-Israeli cease-fire was secured by the United.

Some many years ago when I read this story of "Yom Kippur war" I was rightly informed that when the Arab enemies invaded the land of Israel, they were unprepared, since the day of Atonement is also a day of rest or Sabbath, many Jews could not phantom the idea of fighting on the day of rest. Majority of the people were busy running into the temple to hide, to avoid breaking the law of Sabbath. This gave their enemies advantage to slaughter many people however, the ugly situation was saved by a Rabbi who was shouting to the people in a loud voice " Fellow countrymen, let us break this one Sabbath so as to keep many in future”. That was what gave the people the impetus, the morale booster to pick up arms in a holy day to defend their land that was under attack by many Arab nations. Their effort was rewarded with victory of capturing so many territories including Cairo; the capital of Egypt.

Lessons to learn.

As we march into our freedom, let us have it in our mind that prayer and faith alone cannot solve most of our security problems as humans. We must accompany our faith with good work.

Self-defence is part of good work in the sight of Elohim, any religion that teaches otherwise is not pure and holy.

If our fathers and mothers ran into the churches in 1967 -1970 to hide before their enemies so that God will protect them, there would not be any one today to be talking about the restoration of the holy land of Biafra.

Turning of the other cheek taught in the new testament is a personal thing especially when dealing with your own people, you don't turn the other cheek to the devil no sir. A whole nation cannot turn the other cheek to foreign invaders and barbarians; that will tantamount to helping them to commit more genocide.

Now you see why you should always pray for our volunteers and why you should join IPOB family unit now.

 A word is enough for the wise.

Defend yourself now and Elohim will bless your effort with victory.

All Hail Biafra!!

Written by:
Obi Emma
For: The Biafra Restoration Voice - TBRV

Published by:
Chibuike John Nebeokike
For: The Biafra Restoration Voice - TBRV

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