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October 22 2020 | The Biafra Restoration Voice

If the boys on the streets of Nigeria leave, every celerity who posted anything about #EndSARS will be arrested, some will be killed even.

Connect the dots, CROCODILE SMILE (fighting of cybercrime). What cybercrime can the Nigerian military fight with guns and armoured tanks?

When people brought out placards with #ENDSARS written on them, what were they thinking will happen? When the military announced crocodile smile, what did the protesters think will happen? If people knew they were not ready, why did they come out in the first place? Anything in hegemonic Nigeria that goes to the streets must involve bloodshed of immense measures. The youths were clamouring to pay the price for their freedom with blood, "they should come and kill us all", "this is the time of the youths and we must pay with our last blood".

To be honest, I was imagining how this whole thing will work out if the army came out. I warned people, that where the battle of this protest lied is not even facing the army or police but facing the political pen writers of APC vs PDP. I told them that this people will spin this whole issue. They know that people are angry with their "ogas", they must find a way of shifting the attention and anger of the people to something or someone else.

Since the day this protest started, Nnamdi Kanu has been speaking on it. He has severally advised those who are members of IPOB who wish to join the protest to do so without any Biafran paraphernalia or insignia. He often admonished that this is a NIGERIAN YOUTH PROTEST FOR POSITIVE CHANGE. When the military started killing the brave youths who defied the curfew, everyone became angry and channelled their anger towards the military, the Lagos landlord Tinubu and the governor.

Nobody knew Kanu existed. Tinubu and the governor were targets of heavy curses and bad wishes, the picture of the commandant who oversaw the operation was posted with his family, Tinubu couldn't withstand the pressure, he boarded his private jet and took off to France, the news of him being in France circulated, Nigerians in Europe swam to France located his hotel, started protesting in front of the hotel calling him "ole, blood sucker", he was whisked away by security operatives to another location while people still protested.

Back home, the governor gave a press brief with a voice lacking in confidence claiming that no life was lost but only injuries sustained. He was severely lashed out on, the anger of the people grew, after some hours, he reported via his handle that only one person had just died.

Nnamdi Kanu who was also following all these with keen interest and equally very angry at the impunity of the army and the charade playing out, advised in real-time as the onslaught of the army continued that the only way to get back to the politicians who want to use force to suppress your peaceful protest is by making it into a revolution. You don't have guns and you are being fired at by the military and the police sanctioned by the politicians. The only way you can get back at them is by destroying their properties and properties belonging to the federal government.

Peaceful protesters were shot at in Aba also and government properties have been set ablaze also likewise in Benin and some other places in the South.

While hundreds of determined youths who refused to give up constantly fell to the bullets of the army and soldiers, anger was also increasing on those out on the streets likewise those who didn't have the balls to come out. The Tinubu and the governor boys were busy looking for where or who to channel this whole infamy on. They couldn't blame the celebrities whom everyone supported and were proud of including myself. People were on the streets thinking how to change the long narrative of not being fucked with again by politicians but their hired pen writers were busy trying to apply or resort to the usual, TRIBALISM. Get this one and everything is gone. Look for the usual suspects and the whole thing that has been making people die is forgotten within seconds.

Nnamdi Kanu's own expression of anger was the answer. Yes, he is the 21st century villain of Nigeria, the one-Nigerianist villain, the establishment's villain, the PDP's villain, the APC's villain and his own people's villain. All what Tinubu's boys needed to do was cut the only video clip where MNK was venting, write some fine conspiracies on it and boom! Then the Igbo political hallelujah boys who genuinely feel threatened by his quest for a just society, expectedly finished the rest. The people I pity are those who start bashing Kanu but don't listen to his broadcasts to really know his true intentions.

What was Nnamdi Kanu's mistake if you asked me was thinking that Nigerian youths are actually ready when it seems again that they are not. He has failed it again in his calculation. When the army started reigning mayhem on Lagos, he ordered IPOB members on the streets of the east. Bayelsa was still protesting and confronting the army and police, Rivers, the same, Enugu, Abia, Imo Anambra, Delta state, Benin (not an old Eastern state). People were thinking that the Lagos situation will make people timid and run to their shells like the people denigrating Kanu from the comfort of their bedrooms but IPOB was on ground everywhere.

My summary and analysis

Let Nnamdi Kanu forget about anything that has to do with #ENDSARS protest. Many people who are giving this advice are genuinely saying it from a good perspective. Let all IPOB members backdown for now. The implication is that the thousands who have died for this protest have died in vain, the protest have been defeated, arrests of the people who used the cyberspace to ginger this protest will all be hacked down, in the next 50 years and counting, there will never be anything called protests whatsoever, whether protests of stolen mandate or whatsoever. Protests for police brutally shall be a heinous crime and SARS are coming to pay people back in ten folds especially those who made videos of the #ENDSARS campaign even those who made skits. Leave Nigerians who are promoting this tribal division to suffer the defeat. Everybody will be fully involved. The international community have reported it and has shown that it is of less priority. The worst part is that the people don't even know the forces they are fighting, only those who listen to you understand. The USA will have elections soon, they are busy with that, these Nigerians don't know that they are all they have.

Let me also remind everyone that looting of Igbo properties have been happening in Apo, Abuja and Sabon Gari, Kano even before the mayhem started in Lagos.

MNK, please, leave this protest to the defeated youths they are not ready and they can never be ready. People in their teens were shot with the Nigerian flag and all what angers everyone is Nnamdi Kanu's order for the youths to be resolute and brave and try to hit the government where it can pinch them.

Also remember that DJ SWITCH is an Igbo lady who exhibited a rare bravery with bullets flying over her head.

Shame on the people who want to play this tribal narrative, it is a shame that the people who are injured and have died won't get justice from anywhere in any form because the political boys have tribalised the last opportunity. All who died in vain. The wicked don't suffer if you don't make them. Genocidal Gowon is still flexing his old age, Babangida is still keeping on at old age, Obasanjo who massacred people in Odi is still doing well. Buratai will leave long to enjoy all he has acquired.

People are saying they will restrategise, how? Elections? Do you think that this problem is about political parties and individuals? Nope, this is about your constitution that gave birth to this structure.

Buhari, Police, Army or Sars are not the problem, they are the symptoms. The real problem is Nigeria with a bad constitution.

I hope it is Nnamdi Kanu that is pursuing Tinubu in France, it is Nnamdi Kanu that ordered the shooting of protesters. The South will never learn so the slavery continues.

Let us lick our wounds as defeated slaves that we are.

Written by:
Mazi Nwabueze Nwagbo
For: The Biafra Restoration Voice - TBRV

Published by:
Chibuike John Nebeokike
For: The Biafra Restoration Voice - TBRV

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