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 November 15 2020 | The Biafra Restoration Voice

I grew up as a child in Nigeria with that notion that,  "half education is very dangerous " As if that is was not enough,  few years later, precisely on the day of our matriculation , as I sat down on the front row of the array of seats,  standing before me was a man I will never forget in a hurry, not really because of his political achievements or his traditional contribution to the Igbo people of old Eastern Nigeria, but because of a quote I heard from him on that eventful day of my life.

Late Chief Austin Ezenwa, the Agbalanze of Abagana, the man known by his folks in the political circle as "UPGA" was a guest speaker on that same day, and I heard him loud and clear when he cited this quote " The world is being destroyed, neither by the fools nor the wise, but by the half fools and half wise"

Yes, I understood that day, that anything you wish to do, make sure you finish it. That was way back in 1996, as a first-year student in UNN.

Nigeria has been a country of unfinished businesses, manifesting as uncountable abandon projects, unresolved high-profile murder cases, unfulfilled political campaign promises, unreleased report of numerous panels of enquiries into political cum religious crises, unimplemented reports of several national constitutional conferences (confab).

Nigerians woke up few weeks ago to experience what would have purged her political terrain of evil men and women in the corridors of power, many of them have been there since Nigeria got her flag independence in 1960.

The #EndSARS protest, would have been the catalyst needed to liberate Nigerians from Nigeria, unfortunately the Nigeria youth underrated the ability of the ruling class and the political elites. While they saw the political elites in the light of father and son relationship, the political class saw the youth in light of master and slave relationship.

To quench the fire, the hoodlums were hired by the political class to hijack the peaceful protest so as to give them the reason to shoot the protester who were already making waves internationally with a well-organized peaceful protest ever known in Nigeria history, by Nigeria Youth, irrespective of ethnic or religious affiliation.

And the deed was done, they brought in the military and the police who massacred many protesters, as reprisal, some police stations were torched.

The protest came to an abrupt end. Were the demands of the youth met? No. Today the hunter has become the hunted. I remember Mazi Nnamdi Kanu warning the Nigeria Youth not to back down unless their demands are met, if not, all of them will be hunted down one by one by one, now the hunt down has started.

Let me believe that the words of Late legend, Robert Nestor Marley (Bob Marley) is the reason for their interlude of silence. "he that fights and run away, lives to fight another day.

After freezing the accounts of sponsors of the #EndSARS protest, what next?

Do you think those celebrities will forfeit their hard-earned currency to those old brigades in corridors of power, who could not provide adequate power supply, pipe born water and world class hospital for the past 60yrs?

Nigeria is heading to abyss, because anything created by man has an expiry date.

Total dismemberment of the Lugardian creation is the only viable option left for the Nigeria Youth.

Otherwise Nigeria will destroy herself in a battle of wits and brigandage.

Written by:
Obi Emma
For: The Biafra Restoration Voice - TBRV

Published by:
Chibuike John Nebeokike
For: The Biafra Restoration Voice - TBRV

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