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November 08 2020 | The Biafra Restoration Voice

It always amuses me when Nigerian Americans assume they know best about events in America. Let me assure them that there are many learned Nigerians, especially those who have also experienced the US, that know as much as you do.

In my own case, I know America well, but I am both a British and Nigerian Citizen. I am fully aware of American History, Politics and Government. American History was one of my best subjects in school, as were British and West African history, but I chose to finally settle in the UK.

Now, let me predict the events that are going to happen in America, before and after Trump is sworn in, in January 2021.

First, note that States have not signed off the elections, and until they do so in all States, the Media and Biden claims to be President-Elect is only a confidence trick, designed to put pressure on Trump to back down. If you know anything about Trump, you would know that is like waving a red flag to a Bull.

The cases launched by Rudy Giuliani, Trump' lawyer, at the Supreme Court will expose the massive irregularities and outright polling frauds perpetrated by the Democrats.

Some votes that cannot be accounted for will be cancelled. Some that were late will also be cancelled and/or recounted, and those will mostly be from Biden. Trump will win those States.  In States were evidence has been destroyed, fresh elections will be ordered in specific counties or across the entire State. Trump will win outright.

Now there is something you may not realise or may have forgotten about America. It is encapsulated in my language of Igbo: "Ana enwe Obodo enwe." In other words, there are those who truly own the land. When they flex their muscles, you will truly know who owns the land.

The true owners of America, whether morally right or wrong are the WASPs - White Anglo-Saxon America. In their minds, whether right or wrong, their grandparents captured and tamed America.  This election that has tried to destroy for them, the dream of recovering their land and values, will be for them, the straw that broke the Camel's back.

In their eyes, whether morally right or wrong, they have shared their land with strangers, they have given them rights, and now they want to take back their lands and reinstate the values they cherish - a Christian land that upholds family values, rejects abortion, homosexual supremacy and the joy of calling Christmas by its name, but these strangers poke fingers in their eyes, mock them, call them deplorable and want to rob them of their electoral victory. You may argue all you want about American Indians being the original owners, but that would be like water of a duck's back.

There is a saying amongst my people, the Igbo: "Onye akpakwana agu aka n'odu”, which means, "Do not touch the tail of the leopard".  White America is the silent majority and White America is angry. Donald Trump is furious at the massive insult he has received all across the world.

For Donald Trump and White America, the true conquerors of the land in the days of Might is Right, all bets are off; all pretences are off and now we shall all see raw racism and the true meaning of Might is Right.

What will be coming from White America, the WASPs will Not be genocide but still, a social and political Tsunami. Never underrate the power of mockery. On the day Joe Biden declared himself President, they danced on the grave of a leopard that was not yet dead. They touched its tail and mocked him and White America and called them Supremacists and deplorables and laughed at them. I laugh too - at their whimsical foolishness.

There is yet another proverb that says, "He who laughs last, laughs best."  Nancy Pelosi, foolishly said, "We have won the war. " So, all those skirmishes, the Russian Hoax, the lies of CNN, the fake news, the false impeachment, the derailing of a COVID package, were never about the welfare of the American people.  It was all just about winning a partisan war at the detriment of the American people. The staged battles of Black Lives Matter and Antifa have suddenly turned into street parties of mocking, manic mendacity. Unfortunately, Nancy Pelosi was wrong. The celebrants are wrong. They have not won the war, because the real war has just begun and there will be many casualties.

Donald Trump and White America, the WASPs, the Christian Majority are silently furious at the attempted removal of Donald Trump by a crooked ballot coup and now all gloves are off. They will start baying for blood, and they will not stop for many years to come till they fully assert their rights over the land, so that strangers will know that they are strangers and not landlords.

First the Supreme Courts: votes will be counted; new elections will take place and Donald Trump will be fully vindicated as the fraud is exposed. He will simply continue as POTUS.

Then the retributions. First the Heads of FBI and CIA will go for failing to act on a number of glaring criminal cases in loyalty to the Obama, Biden era. All those that participated in criminal electoral heists will be arrested.

Antifa and Black Lives Matter will rise in protest and this time the National Guards will be released to beat them into line. Violence will erupt but they will be subdued.

Then the Big Fish will follow. Hunter Biden, Hilary Clinton will be brought before Justice on criminal charges. Finally, Joe Biden himself after he has been shown to be fully involved in his son's business and colluded with Ukraine and China to undermine American interests. Barrack Obama, who knew what was going on but turned a blind eye, will be spared as a for President.

Next, the big oligarchies and globalist brands will be broken up. Facebook, Twitter, Google, YouTube, etc would either become fully neutral platforms or true publishers that can be sued for content.

Next the Publishers. New laws against fake news and to ensure that the News Media will never ever be partisan again will come into place. All foreign investment in American media will be removed to ensure that foreigners, especially Arabs can never stake any ownership of shares of News media.

Media houses will be broken up and organisations that investigate or counter fake news will be on the rise, backed by law. News media and publishers will be broken up to be owned by American citizens and purely for the purpose of news and not propaganda or partisan commentary.

Immigration will become tighter and a lot of illegals who are not yet settled will be thrown out of the country. Greater immigration will be permitted for WASP countries and not for those people that naturally support the Democrats. Immigrants that naturally support Democrats will find it more difficult.

Within 2 years the House of Representatives will be mercilessly assaulted as they take over the majority in the Senate and in the House.

The economic war against China will escalate and China will pay a heavy price for the COVID Pandemic as countries world-wide will be forced to choose between trading with China or the US.

Finally, America will be declared a Christian and Democratic nation and both Communism and Radical Islamism will be openly declared enemy ideologies and fought with the same resolute ruthlessness employed by Reagan in the defeat of Communism.

Donald Trump will be very successful with the economy, will finally defeat COVID and emerge at the other end with his status grown and his enemies vanquished.

By the time Donald Trump is through with America and the World, he would have the same respect given to great leaders like Lincoln, FDR, Kennedy and Reagan. Leaders who took their countries through extraordinary times; black America and the working class would be fully behind him.

There would be the new economic ideology of Trumpism that seeks to unite the interests of the entrepreneur and the worker, rather than divide them; that encourages a new rise of enterprise amongst all ethnic groups with the return of manufacturing; that confronts, expels and destroys totalitarian ideologies such as communism and radical Islamism, whilst upholding democracy and human rights; and which defends religious freedom and family values globally.

These crises, battles and war, manufactured by the Democrats were, at first, confusing to Donald Trump, but with this election fiasco, having been burnt in its political fire, he will transform from ordinary to extraordinary; from President to historical icon.

I am not a prophet. I am just trying to make sense from nonsense.

Written by:
Agha Egwu
For: The Biafra Restoration Voice - TBRV

Published by:
Chibuike John Nebeokike
For: The Biafra Restoration Voice - TBRV

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