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 January 23 2021 | The Biafra Restoration Voice

Paradise is a very pleasant place, to some religious folks, it means heaven. A place of eternal rest, no more pain, no more weeping. Just resting and praising God, lying down on the bosom of Father Abraham, like Lazarus the poor wretch, who died as a poor beggar and later was sighted in heaven by one of the bourgeois of his time; the Bible just called him the rich man, his name was useless at that point. I guess, that is all some church folks know about heaven. Let me leave you at that.

Our problem as Africans can be divided into two; Bad leadership and Bad followership.

African leaders see political power as a reward by his people for his bravery, eloquence in chunking out political rhetorics with an unimpeded grammar sequencing on campaign ground, his expenses during vote buying, his family background and pedigree.


We African see our leaders as gods, that should not be corrected even if they goof, as gods that should be revered and reverenced, so we wallow in abject poverty, "suffering and smiling" in the words of Late Fela Anikulapo Kuti.

As a result of this faulty line of reasoning, they treat their subjects as slaves and intimidate them with state police and military. They do all these, because they believe they are superhuman living in the paradise we created for them.

They loot and enjoy everything within their disposal, without being accountable to anyone.

African leaders see The State house as their Paradise, albeit "The Fool’s Paradise".

The late head on State of Liberia; Sergeant Samuel Doe in his first day in the State House, in Monrovia capital of Liberia, made a statement that exposed African leaders as people with myopic reasoning. He said to his wife "Darling! I think we are going to live here forever." You know how he died in office after several attempts to remove him constitutionally failed.

Samuel Doe who ascended the throne of leadership through a "Coup d'état" planned to remain in power forever.

When you see the Eastern Nigeria Governors denying their origin, killing their kinsmen, and inviting the enemies and vandals from Sahel region to take over our land of inheritance, only one thing is their reason for such abnormality.

"That I and my household will dwell in the fool’s paradise all the days of our lives" Simple!  

Deep down their heart, they like Biafra freedom but want to prolong their stay in fool’s paradise.

Under the watch of Governor Nyesom Nwike the indigenes of Obigbo community were massacred to the chagrin of international community with the alibi that he is dealing with IPOB members who killed some security personnel. He thinks as long as he lives in Government house, he is untouchable, so he can decide who lives and who dies.

I have, just a little respect for them because, sometimes they reason well but most of the times, they are so adamant in their folly.

All the Nigerian politicians, including, the Eastern Region Politicians, know that IPOB is right in their nonviolent agitation for self-determination, they know self-determination is our solemn right, as enshrined in UN charter for the right of indigenous people, they know that it is wrong  to shoot unarmed protesters, they know Lekki shooting is an abomination before God and man, they know that it is wrong to invade communities in the guise of farmers herders clash, they know the Fulani  attacking our people are foreign invaders, they know the children of Oduduwa need their nation out of Nigeria to save their lives and preserve their race , they know Biafrans are eager and ready to go, they know Nigeria is not working and will never work, they know the Fulani ruling class are not interested in one Nigeria but in a Fulani mega nation using the name Nigeria as a cover up.

But none of these people will utter a word to support the yearnings of their people because of their, glimpse on the fool’s Paradise in Aso Rock and State Government houses.

No man born of a woman can sacrifice the yearnings of the people, on the altar of his personal comfort in the "fool’s paradise", this of course is the catalyst for the mighty revolution in the offing.

Written by:
Obi Emma
For: The Biafra Restoration Voice - TBRV

Published by:
Chibuike Nebeokike
For: The Biafra Restoration Voice - TBRV

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