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March 03 2021 | The Biafra Restoration Voice

I was inspired by this prophetic song from Late Winston Hubert McIntosh also known by his contemporaries as "Peter Tosh." The tile of this song summed up all the message I want to pass through this write up.

"Mystery Babylon” Lyrics
Mystery Babylon, Your Queendom has
Fallen (to the ground)
And Ra'ab, a Ethiopa is callin'
Gimme back mi gold, mi ruby and diamond (x2)

I wonder how these musician were able to catch a glimpse of the future and skilfully embedded it in their music.

The ancient Babylonian Empire is now history but the relic is still very much around with us. They control our lives, destiny and future of our unborn children. The modern-day Babylon needed Biafra oil and all other natural resources, but don't want Biafra to be among the committee of nations.

She masterminded the genocide of 1967-1970, known as Biafra civil war, they used their media outlets to demonize us before the international community as rebels and got support from other foreign allies to destroy us completely. Over 50 years after the civil war, they are not done yet with their plan to exterminate us.

They could not blink an eye as another round of genocide is going on in Biafra land. The Odi Massacre, the Zaki Ibiam massacred, the recent Obigbo massacre, the Agatu massacre, the Nimbo massacre could not happen to the Fulanis in Nigeria, because they are the favoured children of Babylon.

Babylon must live up to the meaning her name. From the word Babel - meaning confusion. Is Nigeria and her leaders not confused today?

They prefer to harbour terrorists, treat them with kid's glove, reward them with ransom, and recommend them for oversea training abroad. But their unemployed youth who were demonstrating against police brutality and for good governance for everyone, were massacred at Lekki toll gate. British media did not report it because no Fulani was killed.

What is happening in Nigeria currently will bring about the imminent fall of Babylon. There is nothing anybody can do about it.

Looking at the way things are going in the British contraption, you will agree with me that even Babylon has reached a cross road as to continue imposing Fulani terrorists over the indigenous communities for conquest.

The sound of the trumpet has awakened the people , they have now recognized their real enemies and they are about to take their destiny into their hands and the mighty Babylon will be disgraced globally, followed by mighty collapse of this satanic edifice.

Because the people have woken up to resists the foreign killers and rapist in their land , they have decided to withhold their , food from coming to the south. That means they are all in it together, let us see how it goes.

As a southerner, do you have anything to withhold from the Northerners? Absolutely nothing but our lives and the lives of our children. Do not even talk about oil; the oil of Bayelsa belong to Jigawa.

Babylon only exists to oppose the will of the Most High and to take the children of Elohim into captivity for chastisement. But Elohim has remembered His people and this relic of ancient Babylon is gradually fading away.

The restoration of Biafra will change the course of history; kingdoms will fall and kingdoms will rise. That is the fact of life. Biafra restoration project is more spiritual than you can ever imagine.

This restoration project is not propelled by man, for your information , so is the fall of the last relic of ancient Babylon.

Written by:
Obi Emma
For: The Biafra Restoration voice TBRV

Published by:
Chibuike Nebeokike
For: The Biafra Restoration Voice - TBRV

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