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Report From the Court Room Concerning The Health Of Mazi Benjamin Mmadubugwu

Report From the Court Room Concerning The Health Of Mazi Benjamin Mmadubugwu
20th February 2018
Arinze Chiukwu Okoye
Report from the court room concerning the deteriorating conditions of the health of Mazi Benjamin Mmadubugwu and others. 

The health condition of Mazi Benjamin Mmadubugwu, one of the defendants who has been in detention since July 2015 on the order of Justice Binta Nyako without any trial till today, is getting worse daily.

Mazi Benjamin Mmadubugwu can no longer standup erect while introducing himself in the court room due to the excessive growth of torture and illnesses innermost his body systems.
As it is, his obvious deteriorating health conditions made the presiding Judge, Justice Binta Nyako to order the court clerk to bring a separate seat for Benjamin Mmadubugwu. 
It could be recalled that since July 2015 when officers of SSS commonly known as DSS arrested him, he has sometimes denied medical treatment and never gotten a satisfied medical attention as he continued being detained.
More update coming up from the court room.

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