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As Inspector General Of Police Ibrahim Idris Forcefully Disarming Civilians, Impending Danger After Govt Disarms Hated Tribes

As Inspector General Of Police Ibrahim Idris Forcefully Disarming Civilians, Impending Dangers After Govt Disarms Hated Tribes

8th March 2018
Published On GlobalNewsCity
Editor: Arinze Chiukwu Okoye
The Inspector General of Police Ibrahim Idris has directed that civilians, vigilante groups, neighborhood watch security groups, hunters, farmers should surrender their firearms with the licenses in 21 days.

This order, relayed by Force PRO Jimoh Moshood, stated that failure to comply would result in enforcement raids and clampdowns of any Biafran individuals, following criminal prosecution for illegal possession of firearms.

The order has sent jitters down mostly Biafrans atlarge, who perceive it as a sinister move aimed in disarming them so as to facilitate easy massacre, remembering history strictly back as Biafran Pogrom was carried out, this time is the invasion by Fulani's a.k.a "Jihad Soldiers" used by Usman Dan fodio who have killed more than 94,000 innocent Nigerians since 2015, most affected are Biafrans still ongoing.
Reminding that Biafra Land is in a hostage, starvation and massacre have become the order of the day.

More shocking was the observation that no mention was made of disarming Fulani herdsmen who are armed with AK 47 assault rifles and sub machine guns, which are illegal firearms with no licence.
Rather the target of the order are law abiding, legally licensed owners of firearms. This is an urgent wakeup call to the South. This order must be massively resisted from all levels to protect lifes and families.
Since the Nigerian president well known as Jubril Aminu of Sudan have rejected peace cops bill for the protection of civilians, the security machinery of Nigeria is now in the hands of the Fulani´s, civilians cannot trust them to protect lifes for instead the lifes of animals mostly cattle's are better of, besides cant respond to distress calls if under attack rather to massacre Biafrans for the implementation of sharia laws under Islam.
The South, old Eastern Region must be steadfastly an alert of this Impending dangers after government disarms hated tribes.
Stop playing with destiny yet they want to disarm the south by going from house to house,
Here’s a little history of what happens after governments have disarmed their hated citizens:

1966 Nigerian govt disarmed Biafrans in Nigerian Millitary and were slaughtered.
1911 – Turkey disarmed its citizens, and between 1915 – 1917 they murdered 10 million Armenians.
1929 – Russia disarmed its citizens, and between 1929 – 1953 they murdered 20 million Russians.
1935 – China disarmed its citizens, and between 1948 – 1952 they murdered 20 million Chinese.
1938 – Germany disarmed its citizens, and between 1939 – 1945 they murdered 6 million Jews.
1956 – Cambodia disarmed its citizens, and between 1975 – 1977 they murdered 1 million Educated people.
1964 – Guatamala disarmed its citizens, and genocide was the order of the years.

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