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Full Report, The Hired Masked Witness To Testify against Bright Chimezie Couldn't Pass Any Question

Full Report, The Hired Masked Witness To Testify against Bright Chimezie Couldn't Pass Any Question
23th March 2018

Published On GlobalNewsCity
Steered: Arinze Chiukwu Okoye

Today's drama begins, everyone at the Nigerian Federal High Court Abuja are at the moment stranded because of the key to Justice Binta Nyako's court where four Biafrans are standing trial get lost. The court officials said, "it was lost and has not been found". Unfortunately, no one could enter the court room.
Another adjournment hereby looming at the corner.
Victor Onyido reported live from the Federal High Court Abuja.

Certainly, after some consultations, they later brought out the key claiming that the key to the Court has been found at last, is that not insanely animals? For sure YES. One of the reasons thought was they are struggling and undergoing some argument with the blank witnesses. The Nigerian government knowing their continuous evil agendas has arranged the Court room to shield their witnesses.
They therefore masked witnesses.
Now everybody is seated waiting for the proceeding to commence.

March 22, 2018.
Ibeh Gift Amarachi Reporting For Family Writers Press

The Secret Trial has commenced, as the Prosecuting Counsel brought a shielded witness, to the witness Box.
He has sworn with the Bible and questions are being thrown to him, by the Defence Counsel Barrister Ifeanyi Ejiofor.
The defense Counsel is asking questions to the Shielded Masked witness, brought to the Court by the Prosecuting Counsel.
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The witness hired to testify against Bright Chimezie(Same Accused whose charges has been struck out in Federal High Court Calabar) claimed to have met Bright Chimezie in his Office and had a conversation with him. According to the masked witness, from his discussion with the accused (Bright Chimezie) he found out, he is an Indigenous Person Of Biafra and also a Welfare Officer, who took some Money from IPOB members in diaspora and was arrested with Radio transmitter.
The Witness Whom the prosecuting Counsel(S. I Labaran) requested should be called Mr A.B, not his real name, is receiving heat from IPOB Legal Team.

Question From Defending Counsel: When was Bright Chimezie arrested?
Witness: I don't know
Question From Defending Counsel: Have you ever travelled to Uyo, where he was arrested?
Witness: No
Question From Defending Counsel: How did you draw a conclusion that, he was arrested with a Radio Transmitter, if you don't know when and where Bright Chimezie was arrested?
Witness: I don't know
Defending Counsel: Mr A.B tell this honorable court if, Bright Chimezie wrote the statement presented to the Court?
Witness: No
Full Report From The Nigerian Federal High Court Abuja In Ongoing IPOB Hearing
Defending Counsel: Mr A.B did you extend your personal investigation to the Wharf?
Witness: No
Defense Counsel: Mr A.B did you extend your investigations to the Wharf officials, who cleared the containers?
Witness: No
Defence Counsel: Do you know the contents of the container?
Witness: I don't know
Defence Counsel: How did you know the container was imported by my client(Bright Chimezie)?
Witness: I was informed by the Team who carried out the investigation, so I wouldn't know.
Defense Counsel: Are you part of the investigation team?
Witness: No
Defence Counsel: Is the transmitter part of the items in the container?
Witness: I am not sure
Defence Counsel: Can you beat your chest and convince this honourable court, that you are a good investigator?
Witness: Yes I am
Defence Counsel: My Lord I am done with cross examination
The presiding Judge Binta Nyako adjourns the matter for further Secret Trial, to 28th March 2018, for hearing of Bail Application of the defendant Bright Chimezie and 25th May 2018 for continuation of Trial.

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