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Ohaneze Group; "I Will Betray Biafra Again" - Nwodo{Slave Son} Quit Your Deceptions Or Be Destroyed

Ohaneze Group; "I Will Betray Biafra Again" - Nwodo{Slave Son} Quit Your Deceptions Or Be Destroyed
20th May 2018
Published On GlobalNewsCity
Editor: Arinze Chiukwu Okoye

Nwodo{slave son}, the third-born male child of his family, was born in 1952 in Enugu State, Nigeria.
Married to Regina Nwodo, who was a Justice in the Court of Appeals of Enugu State until her unclear death in 2013, questions are being asked upon the clue, how comes.

Upon the watchlists, Nwodo have been in enslavement his whole life serving the emirs, Muslim politicians anyhow so as to be able to put food on the table by lying to the people he claims protecting, selling them off to be slaughtered and kill, rape women, disvirgin younger girls and boys, kidnappings, mass murder, stealing from the people and many more.

"I will betray Biafra again" he said at Lagos in his open speech on 18th December 2017.

Long story short, Prophet Nnamdi Kanu, a mere honest young man the Most High sent to bring his only children out from slavery, for he did heard their cry, Nwodo plotted with other so called divided South East and South South Governors distributed by Okezie{he divided} Ikpeazu{he last} of Abia State conceived with Buhari administration, Emirs, Hausa-fulani politicians.

Read Also: Sen. Abaribe Disclosed, Buhari, IGP & Orders Were In Support Of Herdsmen Killing In The Country, Buhari Totally Incompetent{Video} With illegal abominable factors which was recorded and released, Nigeria military combined forces invaded the palace of his Loyal Highness Iqwe Israel Kanu father of the sent prophet, Nnamdi Kanu, arrested, stolen, raped, distroyed, massacred even dogs, chickens and other animals was not pardoned.

The well planned Biafran Genocide continues till today and none of this historical facts must be left along.

"IPOB which is led by Prophet Nnamdi Kanu must accomplish Biafra restoration and the Most High must take glory forever on quote". 

This time, arrangements have been placed by Nwodo{slave son} to confuse the gulibles on how to restructure a death and gone States for the commencement of total sharia implementation which is unbearable due he and his slave masters are incapable of doing.

Biafrans Adhere To IPOB's Call To Order, Simply Sit At Home In All Biafra Land For The Honour Of Those Brave Soldiers That Fought, Died That You May Live And See Today.

Never Forget That Biafra Is A Spirit,
Your Enemies Trembles And Consumed In The Mention Of Biafra.
Repent, On The Name Biafra, It Shall Be Well With You.
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Matter of facts, few local blindfold materialised brainless people in a group can not be called Oha{people} Eze{king} in a whole Nation, is horrifying, shows that those people are heartless hoodlums. However, the crisis rocking the Ohanaeze Ndigbo group which the Indigenous People Of Biafra are not aware of the existing group and had not voted for anyone, only political money hungers did established themselves unquestionable and start answering Ohaneze Ndigbo group due Biafra Republic is not only Igbo tribe this time, with that being said Ohaneze group crisis has reached its peak following on 18th April 2018 the reported sack of its President-General, Chief John Nnia{father} Nwodo{slave son}.

It read in part: “We, the leadership of the Ohanaeze Youth Wing, OYW, have the mandate of the respectable Igbo elders, leaders of thought, captains of industries and intelligentsias that recently met at Enugu, to brief the Igbo nation and general public that another expanded meeting of SAVE OHANAEZE GROUP meeting held today at Enugu and after series of consultations and meeting, it unanimously sacked the suspended President, Ohanaeze Ndigbo, Chief Nnia Nwodo for playing games with the Igbo Nation and been anti-social with Igbo’s socio-political and economic interests.

“It is open to the watching public that Ohanaeze Ndigbo, has with the kind of Chief Nnia Nwodo’s leadership, seen Igbos missing in the political radar of Nigeria and losing grips of Igbo citizens and as well, plummeted to the lowest ebb, seeing Ohanaeze Ndigbo becoming an appendage of political platform to politicians, to the extent that Nwodo has decided on 2019 presidential election without any negotiation.
IPOB Smashed Out President Buhari, He Was Kicked, Sneezed And Struggled Out Of London
“It could be recalled that last Enugu meeting agreed to not only sanitize but constitute a National Steering Committee, Ohanaeze Ndigbo before the end of the week. Three persons shortlisted for Nnia Nwodo’s replacement are Prince Richard Ozobu, Sir OAU Onyema and Prof Eche Ugwu, who are verily tested products of tradition.

“In another follow up meeting held at Enugu today, the SAVE OHANAEZE meeting has also asked Ohanaeze Youth Wing to brief the press – especially announcing a change in Ohanaeze Ndigbo Leadership.

“The meeting attended by Igbo Leaders, Save Ohanaeze Group, Ohanaeze Youths and Women, screened all the 3 shortlisted candidates for Nwodo’s replacement, namely Prince Richard Ozobu, Sir OAU Onyema and Prof Ugwu, after which Prince Ozobu emerged new President General, Ohanaeze Ndigbo and he will be sworn-in on 21st April, 3018 at Owerri, Imo state.

“The meeting also plead swith the Igbo nation, Southeast Governors, Igbo Leaders of Thought, intelligentsias and captains of industries, Ohanaeze Youths and Women to support the new President General, Prince Richard Ozobu and his team to be announced later.

“As a consequence, Nwodo has been banned from carrying any action and or political hobnobbing with Ohanaeze Ndigbo’s sacred identity; and he is banned from entering Ohanaeze Ndigbo Secretariat and if seen there, he will have himself to be blamed.

“The meeting also observed that Nnia Nwodo had also alienated the Ohanaeze Youths and Women Wings to the level of calling for elective convention on both wings, just to rival and silence the Igbo youths and women who are watchful and opposed to his preference for recycling another politician of the old brigade, as President Buhari’s alternative.

“The meeting observes also that the Ohanaeze youth and women wings were merely victims of Nwodo’s political brigandages because they after reviewing the Nwodo’s political gambit and permutation and commended the youth and women for their resiliency and protection of Igbo identity. It said also that Igbo youths, women and politicians may dash to politics but not using Ohanaeze Ndigbo platform to serve a political clearing house.
Nigerian Federal High Court Freed Another 475 BokoHaram Terrorists To Undergo "Rehabilitation" While IPOB Innocent Unarmed Citizens Are Dying In Various Jails.
“The meeting went further to caution the Igbo nation on presidential election and drew the attention of the Ohanaeze Ndigbo/Igbo Elders led by Pa. Mbazulike Amaechis, Dozie Ikedifes, Ben Nwabuezes, Ralph Obioha on the pre-2015 adoption of a presidential candidate.

“In view of the foregoing, the save Ohanaeze meeting, also said that there is no need deciding in a hurry against the incumbent – President Muhammadu Buhari and there must be a thorough negotiation without hurting anyone or region.

“It would not be business as usual and South-East Governors and Leaders (political and traditional) and especially Ime Obi, must be involved.”

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